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Feline Breeds

To help you pick out the purr-fect breed of cat to be your new best friend, we have listed some various characteristics that many people find are important when making this type of committment.

feline breeds Use the following guide to help understand each characteristic and its meaning.
  • Activity: how lively is the cat. (10 would be a busy, active cat)
  • Playfulness: how much the cat needs or desires to play with its owners or other animals. (10 would suggest a cat that needs a lot of playtime with you and other pets)
  • Attention: how much the cat will need human attention. (1 would refer to a cat that did not mind spending a lot of time alone)
  • Affection: how loving and adoring they will be toward their owner. (the lower the rating, the less affectionate)
  • Communication: how much the breed tends to meow. (the higher the rating, the more the cat will like to "talk" to you)
  • Health: how healthy overall a breed tends to be. (10 would refer to a cat that has few genetic weaknesses)
  • Grooming: how much will you need to groom the breed. (1 would suggest little grooming on your part)
  • Children: how well a cat interacts with children. (a high rating is a cat that should be in a home with children)
  • Pets: how well a cat interacts with your other pets. (a low rating would indicate a breed that should not be put into a household with multiple pets)

The scale is between 1 and 10. A rating of 1 means the animal has the lowest amount of the feature and 10 means they have the most. Please keep in mind that a cat will not be loving to someone who isn't loving to it, even if the cat is determined to be of a very loving breed.

Abyssinian American Bobtail American Curl
American Shorthair American Wirehair Balinese
Bengal Birman Bombay
British Shorthair Burmese California Spangled Cat
Chartreux ColorpointShorthair CornishRex
Cymric Devon Rex Egyptian Mau
Exotic Shorthair Havana Brown Himalayan
Japanese Bobtail Javanese Korat
Maine Coon Manx Munchkin
Nebelung Norwegian Forest Cat Ocicat
Oriental Persian Ragdoll
Randombred Cat Russian Blue Scotish Fold
Selkirk Rex Siamese Siberian
Singapura Snowshoe Somali
Sphynx Tiffany Tonkinese
Turkish Angora Turkish Van York Chocolate