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Cat Behavior & Other Resources

The following directory is made of many resources you may find to help you with all of your animals and in other areas of your life. If you have any questions about this page, let me know.

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  1. Cat Tree Videos
    How to Build Cat Trees on Dvd and save lots of money. You can build a Cat Tree out of Scrap from Construction sites and save about 75 or 80% over retail.
  2. The Complete Cat
    Everything about cats. Cat Breeds, Cat Care, Cat Training and so much more!
    Everything you've ever wanted to know about cats and kittens.
  4. Awesome Cats
    A website for cats, cat lovers & feline admirers everywhere! Cats are Awesome!
  5. Cat Furniture, Cat Trees, Cat Condos, Cat Gyms
    All our cat furniture are built by cat furniture specialists, so more of them combine scratching cat furniture, cat tree, cat playground and resting place all in one cat furniture.
  6. Cat Facts
    This site is dedicated to everything cat. It has a lot of great information and interesting facts.
  7. The Cat Site
    This site is a wealth of information about cat care, health, behavior, breeds and products. There is also forums where you can talk to other pet owners and gain valuable insight.
  8. Cat, Cats, Feline Paradise!
    Cat Lovers Only! All you could ever want to know about cats! Get lots free feline stuff, see cat pictures, learn about the different breeds of cats and so much more!
  9. Cat Scans
    The purrfect home for your cat on the web.
  10. Judy's World - A Tale of Two Kittens
    Follow Gizmo and Simba as the orange and white tabbies grow from kittens into cats. Read informative articles on raising and training your cat. Browse the cat links and shop in the cat store.
  11. Cat Pictures and Dog Pictures
    Upload your adorable cat and dog pictures and have other cat and dog lovers from around the world view them and then rate them!
  12. Online Cat Guide
    Moggies is devoted to the health and well-being of kittens and cats everywhere.
  13. CatMarket- Lot of info: Names, Breeds, Age, Moods, Jokes & Fun Stuff.Your Cat Information Center Names, Age, Breeds, More!
  14. Miss Kitty
    A humorous site that looks at the lighter side of being owned by a cat! Jokes, essays, cartoons, and more!
  15. Paws On-Line
    Easy to navigate, family orientated, and packed with a wealth of free information about cats.
  16. Flippy's Cat Page
    With more than 2,700 pages of fun and cat-related stories, jokes, tales, anecdotes, poems, books, tributes, Kitty Stuff to buy, cat names, free downloads & lots more.
  17. Outdoor Security Enclosure For Cats
    SafeCat Outdoor Enclosures are easy to install, can be configured many ways, and can be added and changed anytime. Don't have anxiety about the safety of your cats. SafeCat Outdoor Enclosures are the perfect way to keep your pet safe.
  18. CatsInfo.com
    At CatsInfo, you will find everything you need to know about your domestic cat from breed profiles, feline health, breeding and showing cats to bringing your new kitten home.
  19. Max and Mikey
    TABBY & TUXEDO CATS GONE WILD! Fabulous photos and CAT videos. This site is also a great resource for cat health information, breeds, links to other great kitty sites, and other cat appreciation sites.
  20. An online guide for cat health care in professional manner
    Quality cat health care guide online-The kitten Specialist. View our range of feline accessories, behavioural solutions and advice for all your little felid needs online today.