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Facts About Cats eagerly endorses the efforts of the St. Francis Society Animal Rescue.

Cat Behavior & Other Resources

The following directory is made of many resources you may find to help you with all of your animals and in other areas of your life. If you have any questions about this page, let me know.

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General Information About All Kinds of Pets

1. Pets, Horses, Dogs, Cats Available
Resources and information portal for those who would like to add a pet to their family. Comprehensive directory of pet shelters, rescue organizations, pet adoption agencies and humane societies around the United States.

2. Pet Center
Get excellent informations on many issues concerning pet care, pet supplies,birds, cats, dogs, and so on.

3. Pet Insurance
Quotes and Cover online. Cat and Dog Pet Insurance to buy on-line from the UK's largest independent pet healthcare insurance company - Healthy Pets.