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Unique Male Cat Names

Your cat is unique and its name should be as well. The following are some tips to help you pick the name that is perfect for the newest edition to your home.

  • Cats respond well to names that end with the sound "E".
  • They also respond to shorter rather than longer names.
  • If you do decide on a long name, make sure you have a nickname also picked out.
  • Imagine yourself calling out this name. If it's embarrassing, you may want to rethink your choice.
  • Use the type of breed, color, personality traits, etc... to help get your creative juices flowing.

Now that you have some ideas, lets get to picking. New names and meanings will continually be added.

Male Cat Names - A

Ace Achilles Admiral
Aesop Ajax Albert
Alex Amadeus Ambrose
Amos Angus Apache
Aragorn Aramis Archie
Arlo Arnie Asa
Ash Augustus Avalon

Male Cat Names - B

Badger Bailey Baloo
Bam Bam Barnaby Barney
Bart Baxter Beau
Benny Beowulf Bernstein
Bilbo Biscuit Blackjack
Bogart Bomber Boris
Brady Bronson Broody
Bruiser Bubba Busgsy
Buster Buzz

Male Cat Names - C

Cadbury Calvin Casanova
Catbert Cedric Chairman Meow
Chang Saw Chansu Cheezels
Chester Chevy Chico
Chilli Chino Chip
Chompz Choo Chowder
Chubbs Chutney Claude
Clyde Cody Coleman
Colonel Cornelius Cosmo Jack

Male Cat Names - D

D'Artagnan DaVinci Dagger
Dalton Dante Darrow
Dean Deedle Dilbert
Dinger Doctor Claw Doolittle
Double O Seven Douglas Fur Duke

Male Cat Names - E

Earl Eastwood Eddypuss
Edward Scissor Paws Egor Ellsworth
Elway Ernie Excalibur

Male Cat Names - F

Fabio Fandango Farbar
Feldmann Felix Fenton
Ferris Fievel Finn
Fireball Fitzgerald Floyd
Fonzi Foo Man Choo Fuzzmeister

Male Cat Names - G

G-Man Gadget Galvin
Gatsby Geoffrey Ghengis Khat
Gideon Giovanni Goldfinger
Gopher Graham Gumbo

Male Cat Names - H

Hacker Haiku Hamelin
Hardy Harrison Hector
Henry Hickory Hobart
Hobbs Homey Hutch

Male Cat Names - I

Indiana Inki Ismael
Itzy Iverson Izot

Male Cat Names - J

Jackson Jaeger Jammer
Jazzy Cat Jericho Jerome
Joe Cool Jonesy Joshua
Juggernaut Juniper Jurgen

Male Cat Names - K

Kalamazoo Keanu Keegan
Keifer Kensington Killer
Killigan Kipling Kit Karson
Kitbull Kobi Kookaburra
Kozmo Kruger Kunz

Male Cat Names - L

Lamar Lastat Laszlo
Lazar Lemmy Leo
Lex Lickerish Linux
Locke Lord Julius L'Orange Lorenzo
Louie Lugosi Lurky

Male Cat Names - M

M J Tookers Macho Macintosh
Mackie MacTabby Maestro
Mafioso Malkin Marco
Max Meuser Mic Mac
Midnight Miles Mister Puddycat
Modem Moe Mogul
Mookey Bear Mr. Bill Mykah

Male Cat Names - N

Nacho Nelson Nemo
Neopolatin Nero Nickerson
Niko Niles Nitro
Noogie Nostradamus Nubby
Nunkie Nuno Nut Nut

Male Cat Names - O

O'Malley Oakley Oci Osborne
Odie Ollie Bollie Mc Follie Opie
Orange Harvey Oreo Orlando

Male Cat Names - P

P Cat Pacey Pacino
Raddy O'Cat Palmer Panda
Paulie Pee Wee Herman Pepper
Perkins Peter Pan Pinnochio
Poco Loco Pokemon Pumpkin

Male Cat Names - Q

Quentin Questor Quimby
Quinto Quistador

Male Cat Names - R

Raccoo Rafael Raggedy Andy
Rahjah Random Raoul
Rasta Raymond Purr Razor
Reese Remel Ren
Ricky Ticky Tabby Riff Raff Ringo
Rocket Cat Rodman Roger
Rudykins Rufus Ryder

Male Cat Names - S

Sabastian Saber Tooth Saint Paw
Sam Cat Sancho Sargent
Sasquach Sassafrass Scorpio
Scrapper Seiko Seinfeld
Sergei Seuss Shakespeare
Shaq Simpson Sir Purr A Lot
Smokey Sonny Spike

Male Cat Names - T

Taco Talbot Tarzan
Taylor Teddy Tennessee Tabby
Terminator Thaddeus The Duke
Theo Thom Thom Tiberius
Tiger Toby Toffy
Tolstoy Trekky Tripper
Truman Turbo Tybalt

Male Cat Names - U

Ulysses Uncle Buster Usher

Male Cat Names - V

Valmont Van Gogh Van Morrison
Vernon Vic Voltaire

Male Cat Names - W

Wadsworth Waldo Walter Croncat
Wellington Boots Whitman Widget
Wilfred Wolfie Wycliff

Male Cat Names - X

Xander Xavier

Male Cat Names - Y

Yellow Mellow Yeltsin Yoda
Yogi Bear Yogurt/td> Young Fella

Male Cat Names - Z

Zachary Zanzibar Zanku
Zepplin Zigfried Zorro

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