Cat Behavior

Ever wonder why your cat is the way she is? Want to know interesting tidbits that will keep your cat purring all day long? Check out these interesting facts about cats. I promise you wont be disappointed.

  • Cats knead their paws when they are happy.
  • Cats prefer their food at room temperature.
  • Cats are not immune to cancer.
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Cat Humor

We've dovoted an entire section of this website to cat fun. There are screensavers and wallpapers. If you love funny cat videos, you are definitely in the right place. We have complied so very funny cat jokes, just for you.

Looking for a unique cat name for your furry friend?

Facts about Cats is your the perfect online resource for choosing a name for your favorite pet.

Female Cat Names

Abilene Daisy Fantasia
Junebug Kissafur Peppermint
Saffron Tabikins Whitney
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Male Cat Names

Bamboozler Chuckie Gizmo
Hermie Legolas Milo
Radcliffe Vito Yancy
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How Old is Kitty?

Cat Years Human Years
1 year 20 years
2 years 25 years
3 years 30 years
4 years 35 years
5 years 40 years
6 years 45 years
7 years 50 years
8 years 55 years
9 years 60 years
10 years 65 years
11 years 70 years
12 years 75 years
13 years 80 years

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