Cat Urine Cleaning Products

Are you struggling with cat uring on your carpets, tile floors, sofas, couches, and more? For some reason, those darn cats don't realize how much it affects us when they urinate on our precious items.

They can't help it and we don't want to punish them for it. Heck, sometimes you even feel like it might be our own fault.  Maybe we didn't keep the litter box clean enough.  Maybe we haven't spent enough time choosing the right food, or keeping their water clean enough.  Maybe we don't have enough litter boxes (they say you're supposed to have more litter boxes than you have cats).

What's so special about enzymatic cat urine cleaning products?

Enzymatic urine cleaning products contain special bacteria that seek out and consume all traces of urine embedded within any water-safe material.

Here are just a few of the products we've found that can clean cat urine from all kinds of surfaces. Enzymatic products do not mask the urine order, but instead the enzymes and bacteria digest the odor causing items.

It's important to understand that these enzymatic solutions can require several days to work (and in some cases, several applications for those extra stubborn stains). Those several applications may occur over several weeks (this is a permanent, but not necessarily quick fix). Also, be sure not to "pre-treat" the area with vinegar or bleach because those chemicals can interfere with the work of the enzymes and bacteria.

How do I locate the source of the urine odor? Where did those cats pee?

The use of a blacklight (available from most stores like Wal-Mart or K-Mart) will help you to locate the mystery location of the stain and the source of the urine odor. Turn off the lights and walk around with the black light near the carpet. Any offending areas will glow a dull yellow. Don't be worried if a previously treated area glows yellow, because this is natural. The fluorescent materials don't go away with the use enzymatic urine cleaning products.

So, what urine cleaning products are available on the market?

Regardless of who's fault it is, there are products to clean up cat urine, and any of the following products may be able to help you resolve your cat urine issues as quickly as your cat created them.