Fun for cat lovers - Screensavers

Check out these cool and fun cat-themed screensavers.

Screensaver - Cat Licking ScreenCat Licking Screen
A little kitten licks the inside of your screen enthusiastically in this animated screensaver for Windows. After having licked the screen for about 20 seconds, the cat is called away and the video is then repeated. Slurping sound effects are included and enabled by default, but can optionally be disabled via the screensaver's settings menu.

Screensaver - FelixFelix
The black and white cat named Felix, mascot for the cat food brand by the same name, stars in this animated screensaver. Felix walks around the screen, comes up close to greet you, meows, and plays on the kitchen floor. Sound effects cannot be muted.

Screensaver - Cute CatsCute Cats
A collection of nine images of cats and kittens in a slideshow, with choice of fourteen transition effects, including dripping paint, jumbled blocks, picture slide, and others. Photos can be displayed in their usual order or randomly, shown in their original size or stretched full-screen, and the effect duration can be set to short, medium or long.

Screensaver - Garfield's Guide to CatsGarfield's Guide to Cats
In this screensaver, Garfield teaches "the truth about our feline friends" in his guide to cats. Each individual lesson, such as "cats need their space; and your space, too", is accompanied by a short comic strip illustrating the truth behind that lesson.

Screensaver - FelineFeline
Fourteen photos of cats of various sorts, ages and colors appear in this slideshow screensaver for Windows. The advance time for the images can be adjusted, as well as their size, position and order, the background color, and the transition effects used in between alternating images, of which ten are available.

Screensaver - Better Homes & Gardens Cat LoversBetter Homes & Gardens Cat Lovers
This screensaver for cat lovers comes courtesy of the popular magazine Better Homes & Gardens. It includes a slideshow of high-quality photographs featuring cats of various breeds and ages. Each image is displayed for about 5 seconds before transitioning to the next one.

Screensaver - Disney Nature: African Cats Disney Nature: African Cats
This screensaver contains footage from Disney's 2011 nature film African Cats. The documentary follows two cat families and is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and Patrick Stewart. Various clips from the film are included without sounds or background music.