The "Screaming Cat" Meme

screaming cat meme

The "Screaming Cat" meme features a cat with its mouth wide open, appearing to be screaming or yelling. This meme is popular for its dramatic and often exaggerated depiction of distress, surprise, or outrage, humorously reflecting intense human emotions through the cat's expression.

Origin of the "Screaming Cat" Meme

The "Screaming Cat" meme originated from a photo or a series of photos of a cat caught in a moment of what appears to be a scream. This image has been widely shared and captioned to fit various humorous contexts where a strong reaction is warranted.

Characteristics of the "Screaming Cat" Meme

  • Expression: The defining feature of this meme is the cat's facial expression, typically with its mouth open wide, eyes wide or squinting, and a tense posture, giving the impression of a loud scream or intense vocalization.
  • Text Overlays: The text usually enhances the humor by providing context or a punchline that complements the cat's screaming expression. Phrases might include "When you realize it's Monday," "When you step on a Lego," or other scenarios that elicit a strong reaction.
  • Relatability: The meme is widely relatable as it captures extreme emotional reactions to everyday situations, making it versatile for a variety of humorous scenarios.

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