Smurf Cat Meme

The Smurf Cat meme features an image of a cat that has been edited to resemble a Smurf, a small blue character from the popular Belgian comic series "The Smurfs."

This meme typically involves a cat with its fur colored blue and sometimes includes additional Smurf-like elements such as a white hat.

The meme is a playful blend of cat and Smurf imagery, combining two beloved elements of popular culture.

It often carries humorous or whimsical captions that play on the cat's altered appearance, and like many internet memes, it spreads quickly through social media platforms, forums, and meme-sharing sites.

The Smurf Cat meme's appeal lies in its visual absurdity and the general fondness people have for both cats and nostalgic references to "The Smurfs." It exemplifies the internet's love for quirky, unexpected, and visually striking content.

It was created by artist Nate Hallinan back in 2014 when the artist pondered the question that has plagued mankind for decades "What if Smurfs were real?".

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